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Hultz BHU is the product of 40+ years of innovative, award winning experience and our holistic approach to design can be seen statewide through our achievements in sustainable integration.

Reorganized in 1998 with the merger of Hultz and Associates with Blunt, Hamm and Urquhart Engineers, our now 22 member staff consists of highly dedicated, qualified engineers, drafters, designers and administrative personnel all working within a common goal: to cooperatively and responsibly complete YOUR engineering needs.

Our focus is to provide mechanical and electrical designs that are innovative, practical and uniquely adaptive to each of our various client's situations and budget. 

Our extensive experience in mechanical and electrical work includes remodels, additions, miscellaneous repairs and new facilities. We have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in evaluating field conditions, designing project remodels and system replacements and collaborating on new-builds.

Rick Hultz, P.E.


University of Washington

Michael Tagles, P.E.


Associate Principal

University of Washington

Tiffany Roberts, P.E.


Senior Engineer

University of Washington

Brian White

Senior Project Manager

Kent State

Nick Hultz

Project Manager

University of Washington

Toni Popa

Mechanical Designer​

Ben Sabo

Mechanical Designer

Matt Burnett

Mechanical Designer

Justen Cowan

Project Engineer

Chester Pasag

Project Engineer

John Merrill

Mechanical Designer​

Austin Marshall, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer​

Tom Urquhart, P.E.


Virginia Military Institute

Seri Hamm, L.C.


Project Engineer

Portland State University

Neil Morse

Senior Engineer

Washington State

Anatoliy Deryluk

Electrical Designer

Broc Nyblod

Electrical Designer

Phil Crawford

Project Engineer

John McIntire

Project Engineer

Martina Hultz

Office Manager

Samantha Nyblod

Administrative Professional

Cozbi Hultz

Media Coordinator

Natasha Guilao

Marketing Director

Join Our Team

If you're interested in joining Hultz BHU,

please send a current cover letter and resume to

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