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Hultz BHU has an extensive history of healthcare projects.

Allen more Hospital, Tacoma, Wa

Allied Health, Yakima, Wa

Bonney Lake Dental, Bonney Lake, Wa

Department of Social and Health Services, Statewide

Dr. Jackson Dental clinic

Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, Wa

Grays Harbor Medical Center, Aberdeen, Wa

Healthy Futures Pediatric Clinic, Tacoma, Wa

Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center, Seattle, Wa

Memorial Clinic, Olympia, Wa

Multicare Medical Center, Tacoma, Wa

Northwest Hernia Institute, Olympia, Wa


Olympia Dental Clinic, Olympia, Wa

Pacific Cataract Institute, Kennewick, Wa

Panorama Medical Clinic, Lacey, Wa

St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, Wa

Western State Hospital, Tacoma, Wa

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